LoRa Gateway Installation

The LoRa Gateway can be deployed by adding the "App - ECP LoRa Gateway" to your Space from the Marketplace.

Supported Hardware

  • RAK2246
  • RAK2247 (SPI and USB)
  • RAK2287
  • RAK5146
  • RAK7243

Variables (Override Parameters)

The following are required to run with the correct version of the packet forwarder:
  • MODEL (RAK2246, RAK2247, RAK2287, RAK5146, RAK7243)
  • REGION (see below)
  • RESET_PIN (optional, default 17)
  • GATEWAY_ID (see below)
Note: The server address and ports are automatically set when used with the LoRa Server Stack.


  • AS_915_921
  • AS_915_928
  • AS_917_920
  • AS_920_923 (alternative: AS923)
  • AU_915_928 (alternative: AU915)
  • CN_470_510 (alternative: CN470)
  • EU_433 (alternative: EU433)
  • EU_863_870 (alternative: EU868)
  • IN_865_867 (alternative: IN865)
  • KR_920_923 (alternative: KR920)
  • RU_864_870 (alternative: RU864)
  • US_902_928 (alternative: US915)

Gateway ID

Some hardware will have a pre-defined gateway ID. If so, it needs to be set in the appropriate override parameter.

If not, then the LoRaWAN Driver can auto-generate one (see the LoRaWAN Driver page) and that value would need to be retrieved using the API and filled in here. In that case the LoRaWAN Driver should be installed before the LoRa Gateway is installed.

Alternatively, a user can define a Gateway ID and fill in for both the LoRa Gateway and the LoRaWAN Driver.