AnythingDB is a flexible, secure database that enables you to create a digital model for a smart connected ecosystem.

Altair IoT Studio AnythingDB enables you to create digital models of the assets that define your smart connected ecosystem.

It helps capture and access metadata for devices, processes, users, tasks, or any other entity considered in your project.

AnythingDB follows the Web of Things (WoT) standards defined by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) for the interoperability of different IoT platforms and application domains.

AnythingDB is based on ArangoDB, a graph database that provides the capability of defining flexible ecosystems, with a high performance for deep analytics and complex transactions.

Graph databases organize and store data using a graph-like structure, where data entities are represented as nodes and their relationships as edges. They are designed to efficiently store and query complex relationships, making them useful for analyzing interconnected data.
Figure 1.

Learn more at ArangoDB graphs documentation.

Watch the video below for more information about the AnythingDB:


AnythingDB contains the following features:

  1. Things: enables you to define the entities in the smart connected ecosystem
  2. Models: templates to ease the process of defining new Things
  3. Categories: group your Assets (Things) in a logical way and define relations between them
  4. Custom Queries: perform custom queries in your database

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