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View new features for Altair IoT Studio's latest release.

Release Notes

This document provides an overview of the recently updated features included in the latest release of Altair IoT Studio. For information on installation and upgrade procedures, as well as details on supported platforms and software requirements, contact product support. For registration click here: studio.swx.altairone.com.

June 2024

Change Description
Login Allow access directly from the Marketplace.
Variables Storage This section replaces the previous section for secrets storage, and includes more options and improved functionality.

May 2024

Change Description
  • Included pop-ups to guide the users towards the next expected operation
  • Improved user workflows
  • Improved override parameters section in Resource Catalog
  • Added tooltips
  • Improved styling and added tooltips to help the users
  • Display information about the libraries included by default
  • Added revert button to edit functions
  • Included environment variables to FMU functions
  • Improved cron validation

Improvements added to the API:

April 2024

Change Description
Login Allow signing up with AltairOne
Functions Develop a new library iots to interact with the Altair® IoT Studio™ AnythingDB API using Python.
AnythingDB Improve graphs

March 2024

Change Description
  • Automatic status reloads for rollouts
  • Edge distribution save improvements.
  • Remove cluster details tab and make a button to redirect to the Thing.
  • Improved UI to select fleets when creating rollouts
  • Separated basic and advanced parameters in the edge app configuration.
  • Improved UI to add resources to edge apps.
  • Added a button to edge apps to create an app from the marketplace
General Improved left-side menu style and functionality
Account Settings

Included direct access to the Account Settings to manage the following:

  • Update profile information
  • Edit e-mails preferences
  • Change password
  • Remove Account

February 2024

Change Description
ECP Implemented the following:
  1. Backup of database files
  2. Backup of Kubernetes resources needed for ECP recovery
  3. Recovery mechanism using database files and Kubernetes resources
Secrets Allow or disable using secrets in Functions

January 2024

Change Description
Functions Ease the user experience by:
  1. Enabling the Rever button.
  2. Including environment variables to the FMU Functions.
  3. Python functions can now be defined as async.
  4. Extending the API to handle metrics information.
AnythingDB Graph to plot Things directly in AnythingDB.

December 2023

Change Description
Functions Ease the user experience by renaming from Functions to User Functions and Workers to Functions.
Object Storage Added a new feature to securely store and retrieve a variety of data type.

November 2023

Change Description
AnythingDB Migration to the new database was completed and all new features have been made available.

October 2023

Change Description
Global Header Included a global header in the application to easily access the user's profile, contact support, and navigate to the documentation. The Switch Space button has also been moved to the header inside the Spaces.
Migration to new AnythingDB

The migration of the users's projects is being handled by the Support team.

Documentation to guide the users has been published (see Transition to the New AnythingDB)

September 2023

Change Description
Improvements and Resolved Issues in AnythingDB Beta Skip to schema functionality added

Add Links to Models

Improve descriptions in Models

Rename the sections as follows:
  • Structure to Categories
  • Every Thing to Things
API Versioning Implemented a preview release system to make available the newest changes in the API for the new AnythingDb (beta) while we maintain the current API behavior. Users could enable this "preview" API (by using the header Prefer: preview=2023.1)to access upcoming changes and once these new changes are applied they won't need to make any changes.

August 2023

Change Description
Functions Include ability to add env variables
Improvements in Access Control Interface Improved Policies interface when creating a new Role

Improved Add Custom Policy interface

Added Policies table for Things in AnythingDB

July 2023

Change Description
Enhance API documentation Notify the changes in the endpoint's behavior

Highlight deprecated endpoints

Include the needed scopes and improve the descriptions

June 2023

Change Description
Functions Improve Trigger's performance.

May 2023

Change Description
Enable new AnythingDB (beta) in EdgeOps Added Fleet Management Beta section. This section will replace the original section once the transition to the new AnythingDB is completed.

April 2023

Change Description
New Tutorials Easily learn how to interact with AnythingDB beta: How to... series of tutorials have been added.

March 2023

Change Description
Access Control Improvements Ease the process of setting roles and policies

February 2023

Change Description
New Tutorial New Tutorial: Set Up a Raspberry Pi to Develop an Edge Project
Functions Improvements Function log allows filtering by date

January 2023

Change Description
Space Settings Improvements Secret storage

December 2022

Change Description
Edge Ops Improvements Added Distributions and Rollouts

November 2022

Change Description
General Added new Home page

October 2022

Change Description
New Tutorial New tutorial Leveraging IoT and Dashboarding for Setting Up a Smart eBike.
Functions Improvements New libraries included

September 2022

Change Description
New Video Tutorial New tutorial Motion Detection System using a Raspberry Pi

August 2022

Change Description
EdgeOps Improvements Added Rules to Support Services

July 2022

Change Description
Tutorials Added new tutorials and improved the existing ones
New Video Tutorial Understanding the Basics of Altair IoT Studio using an Arduino Board

June 2022

Change Description
EdgeOps Improvements Installer Image for Fleet Installations

May 2022

Change Description
Real Time Visualization improvements Include Real Time Visualization.

Added Create a Dashboard Using the MQTT Connector.

April 2022

Change Description
Edge Ops Updates Information added for MQTT Driver.

March 2022

Change Description
Edge Ops Updates Information added for CANbus and Modbus driver.
MQTT Developer Documentation Updates made.

February 2022

Change Description
New Tutorial New QuickStart Tutorial.

Watch a video of the tutorial here.

New Panopticon Connectors New connectors for Panopticon to ease the process to connect to AnythingDB.
LoRaWAN Include LoRaWAN protocol to ECP.

January 2022

Change Description
Onboarding Onboarding process has been improved. Dialog displaying hints and helpful links now shows when user opens Altair IoT Studio. Optionally, this dialog can be set to not display upon opening.

December 2021

Change Description
Authorization Code Credentials Authorization Code is a mechanism to authenticate the users of a web or mobile application that has been built using Altair IoT Studio. With this grant type, users can be authenticated without exposing a client secret in the app code. Instead, users can authenticate by entering a username and password in the Altair IoT Studio Identity Management Provider to retrieve an authorization code which can be exchanged for an access token.
API Inspector The API Inspector is an easy to uses tool that enables new users to get familiar with and interact with the Altair IoT Studio API structure. Requests can be made through the API Inspector without having to worry about authentication details, as this information is automatically populated.
  • Display requirements when creating new entities in the platform to improve user experience.
  • Added contact us direct link.
  • Added reset secret warning notification.
  • Improve functions and apps sections design.

November 2021

Change Description
Labels The ability to add and delete multiple Labels simultaneously has been added.

October 2021

Change Description
API Developers Documentation This has been updated.
Links Include Links when defining a Thing so that the user can establish relationships between Things and provides Web links to arbitrary resources that relate to the specified Thing.
AnythingDB Improvements User is now able to view the schema of each of the Versions created of a Model.

Save as Model button can be accessed easily from the Thing’s menu.

MQTT Inspector can be easily accessed from the Thing's menu.

Redesigned the Interfaces section to improve the user experience.

Resolved Issues Solved Function’s warning message.

September 2021

Change Description
Marketplace The Marketplace has pre-defined applications that run on the Edge, including third-party applications. Any other container-based applications you want to install at the Edge can be defined in the Marketplace.
Cron Trigger Develop functions based on a Cron Trigger which enables you to schedule when the Function will be invoked.
Callback URL Include the option to configure a callback URL in the Triggers to send the result of the execution of a Function. This tool is useful for debugging purposes or for having a history of your Functions’ invocations and its results.

Ability to view the logs to develop and debug Functions. This is crucial as Functions run in an isolated way on containers.

Table Filters New drop-down menu to include column filters in AnythingDB.

July 2021

Change Description
MQTT Inspector Utility in Studio This tool will help you learn what topics are available, and see the format of incoming messages.
Space Improvements You can now delete spaces to keep the account healthy, and edit the space color, to easily identify the different projects.

June 2021

Change Description
Improve Space Creation Process Create a more natural workflow for creating spaces in a simple and intuitive way.
NoCode WoT WoT provides a lot of capabilities, but new users will find a bit hard at the beginning to understand how it works. The new interface guides users in this process of creating Properties, Actions, and Events easily.
Push Button ECP Install Enables you to download an installable image targeted at the device from the SmartWorks Studio interface in a few steps. This image contains the OS, K3s and the ECP Management Service. After installation on a gateway it will automatically connect to the SmartWorks cloud. This type of install gives us an active/inactive partition install for an over-the-air upgrade mechanism with roll-back capabilities.

This enables you to start working with the ECP in less time.

Resolved Issues Speed up Studio page load time so you can quickly enter the app without frustration.

May 2021

Change Description
Improve Sign Up Page Improved user experience while registering in the platform so that users are easily enrolled and trust the platform.
Implement Swagger API Documentation Provide swagger documentation to our users. Swagger is a standard format of sharing API documentation, reducing friction while interacting with the platform.
Utility Belt with Function Logs As Functions run in an isolated way on containers, the Utility Belt provides the ability for users to view the logs, which is crucial to develop and debug Functions.

April 2021

Change Description
Event Triggers in Functions Execute Functions based on MQTT triggers so that users can execute them when something specific happens (property is updated, data is received, and so on).
NoCode Policies Improve workflow for creating Roles by improving the UI and helping inexperienced users easily interact with Roles to get started.

The new interface to manage Role Policies in Studio makes it more user-friendly and easier to use without requiring a deep knowledge of the inner details of the platform.

Resolved Issues Remove ‘error-backend’ from API gateway. Return HTTP errors in standard format (previous format was unintuitive and creating friction with customers).