Contact Support

Visit Altair Community to access Support Services as well as the following helping tools:
  1. IoT Community Forum: Q&A from the community members that might help you answer some of your questions. You can also create a new discussion or ask any questions there.
  2. Create a Case: Choose this option if you want to perform one of the following actions:
    1. Ask for a feature request
    2. Inform of a defect
    3. Ask for advice on a technical issue
    4. How to perform a specific task on the platform
    5. Licensing questions or issues

    Figure 1.

  3. You can also add steps to reproduce the issue, include others in the watchlist to get notify of any changes in the open case and add attachments that would help to fully explain the issue.
    Figure 2.

  4. After selecting one of the below actions from the Category drop-down, choose Altair IoT Studio as the product, grade the severity of your issue and include a Short Description and a Detailed Description. Click Submit to get your case created.