Create an Asset

This procedure walks you through the process of creating an Asset in Altair IoT Studio and connecting it to the cloud.
Note: This procedure creates a standalone Asset; see the Distributions and Rollouts section for creating a Fleet of Assets.
  1. From the Edge Ops menu, click Fleet Management, and then click New Asset .

    Note: If the EdgeOps section is not visible, click on Space Settings > General and enable it from the Menu options.
  2. Set a name for your Asset, and then verify that you have completed the appropriate preparation steps (installing k3s and Ubuntu, etc.)
    Figure 1.
  3. Click Next to set up your Asset. Run the commands that appeared in Altair IoT Studio on the hardware's shell, simply copy/paste if possible. These commands will allow you to deploy the Management Server on the Asset and connect to Altair IoT Studio:
    Figure 2.
  4. When the Asset has successfully established connection with Altair IoT Studio, the following message will appear. Select the Next button to continue.
    Figure 3.
    You will be taken then to the Asset's monitoring page. This is where you can see it's operating statistics and deployments.
    Figure 4.

Fleet Assets in AnythingDB

AnythingDB provides the backbone for EdgeOps. Each Asset in EdgeOps Fleet Management is represented in AnythingDB automatically, so you can interact with it.

In AnythingDB, for every Asset you provision, you will find a corresponding Thing in the Cluster category. Using actions and events, you can interact with your Edge device from this section. Check this section if you want to know more.