A Distribution is a set of Edge Applications that can be used in a Rollout to be deployed to all Assets in a Fleet. These Assets need to have the Edge Updater service running. For more information on creating Assets with the Updater Service, see the "Edge Ops > Rollouts" section.

You can access Distributions by expanding the EdgeOps section.

Figure 1.

Applications used in Distributions

Applications available to add to the Distribution are the ones from your Edge Applications section (see Edge Applications). Make sure a deployment configuration is available for each Application you want to use in a Distribution.

When a Distribution is rolled out to Assets, all Applications added to the Distribution will be installed.

Any Application installed previously using the Edge Updater (i.e., through a rollout) but now omitted from the Distribution will be removed.

If you want an Application to remain on the Asset it needs to be included in the Distribution even if the version and deployment information has not changed.

See "Edge Ops > Rollouts > Deploy a Rollout" for more details.

Create a Distribution

Distributions are versioned. When you create a distribution with a new name, it will be created as version 1. The distribution type is "OTA Edge Apps" and at least one Edge Application needs to be added.

  1. From the Edge Ops > Distribution panel, click New Distribution.

    The New Distribution panel opens.
  2. Enter a Name and select the Type as OTA Edge Apps.

    Figure 2.
  3. Click Save.
    The Distribution is saved and is displayed in the Distribution list as shown below:

    Figure 3.
  4. If you create a Distribution with an existing name, the new Distribution becomes version 2 of the existing Distribution.

    Figure 4.
    The Distribution is displayed in the Distribution list as shown below:

    Figure 5.