MQTT Credentials

For this project, you will use an MQTT connection.

MQTT Is the standard for IoT messaging. It allows for messaging between a device to the cloud, and the cloud to a device. More information on MQTT can be found here.

Client connections are always handled by an MQTT broker, which is responsible for receiving and filtering the messages, determining who is subscribed to each message and sending them. To configure the MQTT broker connection, the Host, Username and Password are the required parameters.

Follow the steps below to connect your device via MQTT.

Note: You need to obtain the MQTT Username and password in order to use the MQTT broker with your device.
  1. Open the detection Thing panel, and click on the Interfaces tab.
  2. Turn on Autogenerate for the username and password and click Save to generate new credentials.
    Note: You need to copy and paste your new credentials in your Python code to access the broker.
    Figure 1.