Altair IoT Studio Support Service


A specific support service has been created for the edge to take care of setting up clients, subscribers and publishers for a Thing and to sync a Thing with the Altair IoT Studio cloud: Support Altair IoT Studio service (ase-support-iot-studio).

Logic has been put at the Edge specifically for the Altair IoT Studio cloud integration, but as a separate service (if you want to use your own cloud, you build the logic).

Thing(Description) Sync

A REST API client is used to make cloud API calls. For configuration the API URL is needed, as well as a Client ID and Client Secret (for this an App needs to be set up on the cloud, see Sync App section).

The Support Altair IoT Studio service does the following:
  • When a Thing is created at the Edge:
    • first create it on the cloud so we have the UID
    • then create it at the edge
    • set up Thing Connections (MQTT subscribers and publishers) for the Thing
  • When a Thing is updated at the Edge:
    • update the Thing on the cloud
  • When a Thing is deleted at the Edge:
    • delete the Thing on the cloud

If the REST client cannot connect or is not authorized, then none of the cloud sync calls can happen.