Define a Device (your lamp)

Inside Categories, Things represent the entities in the IoT ecosystem. They store information about real world objects as well as information about concepts.

  1. Follow the instructions below to create a new Thing:

    Figure 1.

Web of Things (WoT) describes a set of standards by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) for the interoperability of different IoT platforms and application domains. One of the key components specified by the WoT is the Thing Description. A Thing Description describes a virtual or a physical device (Thing) expressed in JSON formatting.

  1. Add the following Thing description provided by the W3C:
        "@context": "", 
        "@type" : "ThingTemplate",
        "title": "Lamp Thing Description Template",
        "description" : "Lamp Thing Description Template",
        "properties": {
            "state": {
                "description" : "current state of the lamp on|off",
                "type": "string",
                "readOnly": true
        "actions": {
            "toggle": {
                "description" : "Turn the lamp on or off"
        "events": {
            "overheating": {
                "description" : "Lamp reaches a critical temperature",
                "data": {"type": "string"}

    Figure 2.
    The Lamp is correctly defined with the attributes defined by the WoT.

    Figure 3.