Access the SmartWorks Platform

  1. Open the SmartWorks platform to enable the communication with the Edge Device (Raspberry Pi).
  2. Create a new Asset in the Fleets. This Asset represents the Device (your Raspberry) in which you could install Edge Applications.
    1. To create a new Asset, click Edge Ops > Fleet Management and click + New Asset at the top right corner.
    2. In the screen that appears, fill in the fields, read the conditions and mark the boxes as required. Click Next.
      The web page shows two commands that enables you to install the Management app on your Devices.
      • The first command installs the credentials you need to install and run Edge applications.
      • The second one installs the Edge Compute Platform Management Service that manages the installation and uninstallation of the apps.

      Figure 1.
      When you run this command in your Device, the SmartWorks Studio and the Edge Compute Platform Management Service communicate with each other and when the installation and the communication are finished, it will display the following image.

      Figure 2.
    3. Click on Next.
      You will see that the installation is finished and displays the device status, such as the CPU and Memory Usage and the Deployment Stats.

      Figure 3.