Leveraging IoT and Dashboarding for Setting up a Smart eBike

This tutorial is designed to guide you through setting up a microcontroller (ESP32) to send data to SmartWorks and have SmartWorks interact with apps designed by the user.


The tutorial provides the basics of SmartWorks and how it can be implemented to interact with other applications. You should use the concepts highlighted here and apply them to your own projects as well. The tutorial is split up into several sections as a guide for on how to setup this project; however, you can also decide to use the knowledge from a few sections into their own projects. SmartWorks provides the flexibility and capabilities to design your own IoT projects.

For a video introduction to the tutorial and it's concepts, watch the video here.


Adafruit HUZZAH32 Feather - ESP32 Microcontroller - MCU capable of WiFi and BLE connections
DHT22 Sensor - collects humidity and temperature data (Note: resistor may be needed)
Breadboard & USB cable - to install and connect the ESP32 and DHT22 to a computer
Visual Studio Code - An IDE that integrates PlatformIO for Arduino/IoT development
Streamlit - app framework for making dashboards/web apps using Python
Cloud Service
Altair SmartWorks

Steps in This Tutorial