Before You Begin

  1. Install Visual Studio Code.
  2. Install PlatformIO extension to VSCode.

    Figure 1.
  3. Click on the PlatformIO icon and open PIO Home.

    Figure 2.
  4. Click New Project. Enter a name and select Adafruit ESP32 Feather for the Board.

    Figure 3.
  5. Click Finish. The process might take few minutes to complete.
  6. Install the library PubSubClient.

    Figure 4.
  7. Click Add to Project and select your project.

    Figure 5.
  8. Click Add.
  9. Repeat Steps 6 - 8 for the DHT Sensor library.

    Figure 6.
  10. Repeat Steps 6 - 8 for the elapsedMillis library.

    Figure 7.
After the PlatformIO project is created, a platform.ini file will be found inside the project directory. In that .ini file, the project configurations can be set and additional libraries that have been added will appear under lib - deps =. For this project, the ESP32 uses the espressif32 software platform to execute IoT tasks. Some versions may not be compatible with other Arduino libraries, so please use a version that is viable. Version 3.3.2 works with PlatformIO and Arduino libraries as of this edit.