Create a Category and Add a Device

AnythingDB is a specialized, flexible, secure database to help you create a Model of the world and then display it in your application. In-depth information on AnythingDB can be found in the Online Help.

  1. The Categories menu is displayed by default. If you have not created a Category yet, it will be labelled "– No Categories –"

    Figure 1. Category creation tab
  2. Click New Category.

  3. Name the Category Arduinos and click Create.

    Figure 2.

Things represent the entities in your world, like your Arduino board. You can create a Thing using diverse methods, as highlighted in the image below. You can get more information in Online Help. For this training we will create a Thing from scratch, that is, using Option A highlighted in the image below.

Figure 3.

  1. To add a Thing, in the top right corner of the web editor, click + New Thing .

    A new window opens, labeled New Thing.

    Figure 4.
  2. In the dialog, enter the Thing name as Arduino and add a description.
  3. Click Create.
    The Arduino Thing will be added in the Things tab of AnythingDB.

    Figure 5.