The SmartWorks platform provides everything you need to quickly build scalable, secure, customer web and mobile applications that connect to your smart products.

It offers tools to accelerate every step of smart product application development, which includes:

  • Connecting your assets to the internet
  • Building software backend to provide automation and coordinate data
  • Designing and building an application frontend to analyze and show the information, and provide control
  • In some cases, developing the automation at the edge to reduce latency and minimize data transport costs
For connecting the assets, it offers:
  • IoT device modeling, connectivity and control: Model anything that needs to communicate with your products and communicate with them in real time
  • Specialized databases for IoT metadata and telemetry: Store your entire assets’ data
For the Application Frontend it offers:
  • Tools for filtering and processing the data: Query your assets’ data fast
  • Serverless function engine to implement automation and business logic: Build automation to differentiate and delight users
  • Drag and drop stream processing tool
  • Role-based access control services: Onboard thousands of users and easily control access
As the platform has been developed for developers by developers, all this functionality can be also access through a high-performance robust REST API,
For the Application Backend it offers:
  • Drag and drop dashboard authoring tool to quickly create analytics applications: Develop real-time dashboards with an easy-to-use drag and drop authoring tool.
  • Deep support for custom mobile and desktop applications, to provide a customized user experience
For the Edge it offers:
  • Specialized toolset for developing, deploying, and monitoring automation at the edge: manage complex automation at the edge, develop code to run at the edge and continuously improve it easily

SmartWorks ensures security and performance from the beginning, helping the user to create scalable, secure IoT and analytics applications faster with smaller teams, and deploying everywhere. It connects seamlessly to Altair’s simulation and artificial intelligence tools, which will help to create digital twins.

Platform Capabilities

  • Consists of different modules that can be customized as needed
  • Is based on a microservices architecture that makes it scalable and resilient to failure
  • Is already optimized for performance, scale and security.
  • Access to the Platform from the external world (the Internet) is encrypted
  • Every request must come with a token (Oauth2), which in turn is obtained when users are correctly validated and authenticated
  • Network Policies are implemented internally to control the traffic between different elements of the platform
  • A threat detection engine runs internally to detect unexpected behavior and intrusions in real time