Manage Your Spaces

Spaces are isolated areas for you to build your IoT projects. Entities in SmartWorks, like Things, cannot be seen from one Space to another, except from the Workbooks, as they are stored under the User’s folder.

Users, however, can be members of multiple Spaces. Each User can create multiple Spaces, and each can be invited to a Space created by another User.

In addition, Users MUST create or join at least one Space before creating any entity (as those entities exclusively belong to the Space in which they are created).

  1. From the Space Picker page, you can view your Space's details by clicking on the on the Space tile. It will give you information about how the Space is used.

    Figure 1.
  2. To edit the Space's name, click Space Settings > General.
  3. Enter the new name in the Name field.
    Note: You cannot change the ID, just the name that is displayed.

    Figure 2. Space Details
  4. Enter the relevant information, and if desired, select a color and click Save.
  5. Removing unwanted Spaces can help you keep your account organized. To delete a Space, switch to the Space to delete, click Space Settings > General, and click Delete Space in the upper right hand corner.
    Tip: To leave a Space you have been invited to, click Leave Space in the upper right hand corner.