Use the MQTT Inspector

The MQTT Inspector allows you to see MQTT incoming topics and messages and the format of the data payload. A list of the messages and topics is shown so you will know what topics are available.

  1. Display the MQTT Inspector by opening the Utility Belt and clicking MQTT Inspector.

    Figure 1.
    Note: The MQTT Inspector can also be access from the toolbar, after selecting a Thing:

    Figure 2.
    A summary of topics and total messages received is shown.

    Figure 3.
  2. Expand the nodes of the topic tree to see specific details of the data.

    Figure 4.
  3. Click on any of the topics to see a more detailed view, including the topic path and the last message received from the topic.

    Figure 5.
  4. Expand the History view is display the historical data. You can adjust the frequency limit of messages to display (10 messages are displayed by default).

    Figure 6.
  5. By default, you are subscribed to all the topics of the space. Click on the marked button to filter the subscription topics to get just the data needed.

    Figure 7.
    The following appears:

    Figure 8.
  6. Change the topic and see how the data stored in the MQTT Inspector changes:

    Figure 9.
  7. Click Save.

    Figure 10.